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IP Solutions

10 reasons to choose NOVA IP Solutions
Full service
          We work to understand your goals and build from these requirements.
          There’s a lot junk available and unless you do a ton of research on your own, its hard not to buy            a bad system that underperforms
          We do that research for you and install a system that’s built using quality components.
  If something goes wrong with something we install, we support it and replace or repair the           issue free of charge for up to 12 months
Project management
You’re busy.  We understand that.
You want a partner with expertise you can rely on to deliver a high quality, high performance system that’s properly installed
That’s what we do!  From the first time we meet all the way through the life of your system, we can manage as much of the project as you like
Variable focal length cameras
This means we can point your cameras close in at your mailbox (or front door, or garage, or parking lot entrance) or wide to cover an entire parking lot.  Its up to you.  Our systems are flexible
Video quality
Our cameras capture video in 1080P full HD quality at 12 frames per second or greater.  This is the quality that law enforcement and insurance companies need if you ever have a reason to share video with them
Our clients are able to view their properties from anywhere they have internet access using any type of device (smartphone, tablet, PC, Ipad). 
From across town or across the country or further, you can look in and see that everything is right at your home or business
Dynamic bandwidth utilization
Tied in with mobility, our systems “scale” the number of frames and image quality depending on how fast your internet connection is.
Meaning:  if you’re on a slow connection, the system optimizes for best quality
This delivers the clearest and smoothest video based on the kind of network you are using (cellular, wifi, etc).
High quality, high frame rate video is always kept on your system in case it is needed
High frame rate archive
If there's ever an issue that involves Law enforcement or insurance companies, they will want the best quality video
Great news,  export “raw” video from your system that will greatly help them investigate your issue.
Meaning:  if someone steals your mail from your mailbox, we can export the video of this directly from the system and they can pick it apart frame by frame to get the best possible images.  This allows them to see license plates and faces with much greater clarity than other systems.
Our systems can be used for a variety of applications.  Indoor/outdoor,  day/night, residentisl/business.  You name it, we can help you monitor it!
We are not the cheapest and we’re far from the most expensive.  If you’re looking at a cheaper system or considering buying a kit from a big box store, make sure to consider any hidden costs like cabling and licensing.  Make sure the image quality and frame rate are as high as you need.  Make sure the installers are professionals.  Once you add in these hidden costs, they quickly become much less of a value.  If you’re looking for a property monitoring system and getting expensive quotes from other vendors, they may be selling you more system than you need.  If you want/need high quality, accessible video captured from your property you can view and review from anywhere, make sure you aren’t buying a bank/casino/government level camera system.  A lot of vendors are glad to sell you much more than you need.
If something goes wrong with a system we install, we are a phone call away.  Most issues can be resolved over the internet.  If an onsite visit is required, we’re on the way and if it’s within the first 12 months from installation, its free!
And #11 is a “coming soon” feature:  Customer Portals
As a NOVA IP Solutions client, you will soon have access to a customized private page that gives you access to your system(s), log and view support requests and updates, learn about new products and services (and these happen all the time.  Think:  camera enabled doorbells! Or remotely managed thermostats).  If you have a system in Florida and a system in Virginia, you only need to access one website to view both systems!
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