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IP Solutions

Selecting a vendor to help with your property monitoring needs can be expensive, confusing and time consuming.  
We won't waste your time or money like that.
NOVA IP Solutions specializes in delivering excellent IP camera solutions with a heavy focus on project management so you can define your needs and focus on other priorities while we build your system.
We sit with you to gather the needed information, than we build a proposal that explains clearly what we will build for you.  
We'll work together to make sure your goals will be met before the first cable is run and if those needs change along the way, we're glad to change course.
We've been managing technology projects for 20 and have been installing IP camera systems for 7 years.  
We know what it takes to successfully build solutions that meet your needs.  We design, install and support excellent IP camera systems that give you the ability to monitor your property anytime, from anywhere.
Our clients appreciate that we can help with or completely manage every step of the process including:
  • Camera and back-end system selection
  • Camera location decisions
  • Cabling
  • installation
  • Broadband connection provisioning and installation
  • Router configuration
  • Mobile device configuration
  • Security
  • Archiving
  • Maintenance and repair
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